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fall 2013 + spring 2014 art dump

Also because I'm not sleepy, here's this year in art!! I guess I'll pick up where I left off last time...

Damn, this is hella old. Uh... I don't remember much about doing this although I remember liking the way the legs came out. If I were to redo this, I'd go way easier on the back muscles and simplify them so instead of looking bulky he'd look more sleek.

Haha ew this is gross. Let's not look at this one. (although of course this one was popular with all the Dick/Wally fangirls)

This one was made to thank all the aforementioned Dick/Wally fangirls for their support. Although drawing slash is incredibly uncomfortable for me now?? Growing older, man. Keeping things to yourself is suddenly way more important to me - or at least, revealing things about myself is way more uncomfortable. I do like the way their faces came out, though. If I recall, this is the first piece I did completely in greyscale first, then added colors in overlay layers in PS.

Oh yup I was right. I still like this one in greyscale... Wally (KF on the right) - his skin came out so goooooddd

Goddamnit, this is still my favorite piece but of course nobody else cares about it. That's okay, because I bought this for myself and it's gigantic, like 15"x18" and it printed BEAUTIFULLY. I loooove this one. HIS FACE. IT'S SO GOOD. It came out so perfect, I'm still in love with it.

I remember debating for a long time whether or not to give him visible eyelid creases, because he doesn't really have any in the show. So I figure he's got super deep hooded eyes, kinda-almost-Asian, because that's how Batkids always look. Bah, whatever, I'm still happy this one so that's a victory for meeeeee

My most successful piece to date. Both in the amount of attention it's received, and how well it's sold! (I think I sold like, 4 prints of this so far??? So cool!) Although in retrospect, I intensely dislike the way I handled her eyes. They read well from a distance, but not up close/if you look at it too long. I love her nose and lips, though. First in my series of DC lady portraits looking away from the viewer.

The second. It's a lot cleaner, but I enjoyed this one. People started arguing with me over which Huntress I was drawing though, because I guess diehard Huntress fans never bought the New 52 retconning of Bertinelli into Wayne. That was a hassle to deal with. I went with cooler tones for this one, so I enjoy looking at it after looking at the warm tones of the Batgirl piece.

And then I got sick of doing these huge Painter pieces and instead tried painting straight to color again (the last 4 were are all grayscale first) and messing around only in Paint Tool SAI. This is totes poop.

Somewhere around here, I did Sketchavember (one drawing a day). Most of em are poop, here's the ones I liked:

Still wanna color this one someday....

Back to trying to dive right into colors, working on a sketchier paint style. I like dis one. Looks a lil too much like Bruce Wayne though. This is where I figured out how to use Paint Tool SAI satisfactorily.

Third in the series. I spent the least amount of time on this one to try to recreate the sketchy feel of the Batgirl one. Don't think I did it. Kind of looks like Britney Spears. Dislike.

SAI paints again! I really dig the colors on this one. Also really getting the hang of SAI.

Fourth and latest. I feel like this is probably the best out of all of them, but of course it wasn't as successful as the Batgirl one. Too bad though, because I really liked the way this one came out, and it took FOREVER. It looks the most like an actual person.

SAI again!! This is a recreation of a panel in the Batman Beyond 2.0 comic where Terry meets an alternate universe Terry (who is blonde and angry and CHO KAWAII.) Regular Terry looks a little like Snape here, and now you can't unsee it. Favorite part is the strokes of their faces though, yaaaay! Also, the kind of glow-y lighting. Proud of that!

And the latest, my favorite Batman Beyond piece to date! A recreation of the cover of Future's End #3. My first time drawing snarling, claws-out Terry. I really like the hand that's farther away. I made Olin pose for that. SAI again.

And... that's it! All caught up! Time to go to sleep because I have to wake up in 6 hours to go sit in a dermatologist's office.
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