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kira miyuki
22 July 2014 @ 01:24 am
Wait, what the hell, where did my summer go?! I feel like I haven't been able to really enjoy any of it, because I've been too busy with work. Up until maybe two or three weeks ago, they had me working full-time at 5 days a week/40 hours, so on my weekends I was either too busy with the chores that piled up or too exhausted to do anything. I'm down to 4 days a week/30 hours, which is INFINITELY BETTER, but I only have a few weeks to enjoy it before I leave for Japan! (ARGH!)

So, things:

  • Work is pretty good. Being a Bra Specialist is really fun. It's like being on the all-star team where we call all the shots/run the show. Me and Kyrie (the girl who inspired me to apply at VS in the first place!) get along really well - to the point where it's almost scary??? Like she and I regularly snapchat each other/have inside jokes/laugh to the point of crying when we work together. There have been several times where one of us says something that makes the other just unable to function from laughing. (We are totes professional otherwise, I promise.) It turns out she loves comic books/nerdy things as much as I do, so that's so amazing. I'm also really good friends with the newest Bra Specialist, Carly (although technically Carly's worked fitting rooms longer than I have) and occasionally the three of us get to run the uptown (er, upstairs) fitting room together (like tonight!!) and it is way too much fun. I am still somewhat in disbelief that I have a job where I am legitimately friends with my co-workers. Like, when did this happen?? What??

  • Because of my pay raise/the amount of hours I've been working, I've actually had... DISPOSABLE INCOME!! I can now buy comic books and make-up and coffee and not worry about it!!! Right now I'm thinking about buying a Batman Beyond shirt for the hell of it...

  • Speaking of Batman Beyond, my love for it is all-consuming. I am so, so into the current comic title by Kyle Higgins (the writer of New 52 Nightwing!) it is a lil ridiculous. It seems like Terry is about to get the New 52 treatment though... meaning they're probably canceling the current title, and are about to kill him in Future's End. I can feel it in my bones. Here's a pre-emptive FUCK YOU DC!

  • Also super into Supernatural again. Making Olin rewatch the entire series with me. We're finally on Season 4 again (CASTIELLLLL). Also still into Transformers Prime - gonna rewatch that next.

  • Speaking of Olin, we go to the beach or do hikes when we can, which isn't often, because he usually only has one day (if any) off on my weekends. :(

  • I just got an e-mail about my "Pre-Departure Packet" for my Japanese study abroad program. AHH. IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Excuse me while I FREAK THE FUCK OUT!

kira miyuki
17 May 2014 @ 11:47 am
Part of me is still in disbelief that it's finally summertime. I debated on taking summer classes, but after the madness of these past two semesters + work, I think I'm going to let myself take a break. (Also, summer tuition is hella expensive.) These past five months has been a nonstop whirlwind of stress, but now it's FINALLY over.

New things:

  • I applied for an all expenses paid 18 day summer intensive in Japan on the recommendation of my Japanese instructor, Dr. Murayama. I should know if I got it or not by the end of this month!

  • I am 90% positive I am getting an A+ in Japanese, which - if I do - will be INSANE. That was an 8-credit course/two semesters of language smashed into one... it really depends on if I got an A or an A+ on the final. I think I'll know by next week? I'm hoping for the A+, but if I get an A, it's no big deal - it won't drop my 4.0 so that's good.

  • I got an A+ in my Intro to Drawing class, which is awesome. I really fell in love with charcoal - it's so similar to the way I do digital medium. I don't think I can fit in Intermediate Drawing into my fall semester (WAH), but either way, I'm going to keep doing charcoal on the side.

  • I applied for Bra Specialist - again - and I got it!! It hasn't officially been announced yet because the manager, Lani, and I haven't worked together recently (I was pretty much off for finals week), but she saw me in passing yesterday and said, "Don't worry, it's good news." And during my interview with her, she kept referring to "when" I'm on her team, not "if," so! I am secretly hoping I'm going to get another raise, but Olin said not to get too hopeful so I won't be disappointed. But if I get proportionately the same raise I did when I got promoted to sales specialist, I'll be making more $/hr than Olin...!

  • Now that it's summer, the scheduling manager assumed I would want to work full-tinme, so... there's that. Haha. Ah well. It's really only one shift more than I was working while I was going to school, so I'm not that concerned.

I hope you all are doing well! I'm going to try to reflect more = post more over the summer. I haven't had time for any real self-reflection or meditation this semester - it's time to get in touch with myself again!
kira miyuki
05 February 2014 @ 07:17 pm
So! Life has been really good! (Although for the entire month of December + the first few weeks of January it was HORRIBLE, I was so ridiculously busy from work and school that I literally had maybe 6 hours a week for free time for myself; I had three mental breakdowns during that time but! I bounced back from them within a day, hooray for my mental health slowly improving as I age!)

I love my job. I almost feel ashamed to admit it. I feel a little embarrassed that I work in retail and enjoy it. I feel that there's a sitgma about people who work in retail instead of in, I don't know, more "professional" fields? But that being said, I still love my job.  My dad can't comprehend that I enjoy my job "folding panties all day" but to be honest, it's kind of the best. I get to talk to women from all walks of life, and they open up to me about really personal issues, and then I get to help them find bras that will resolve some of those issues, and that is really rewarding. Of course, a lot of the time customers come in just wanting a cute matching bra/panty set, but that can be fun, too!

And I just got a promotion and a raise!! I applied for Bra Specialist, but there weren't any open part-time positions, so the managers offered me Sales Specialist instead. Pay is the same as a BS, but I'm still going to be on the floor rather than in the fitting room. I'm disappointed, but!! Sales Specialists get trained in fitting room, so I'll be able to pick up fitting room shifts and support it when it's busy! Hopefully I'll be able to move from SS to BS within the next few months!!

Right now Olin is in Redondo Beach, CA. :( He recently got hired at the new H&M that's opening in Waikiki, so he quit Target! I'm really happy for him, because he really, really hated working at Target towards the end. Anyway, H&M hired him as one of the few full-time employees (and they offered to match his ridiculously high Target pay - what!), and they flew all of the full-timers to CA to train. So he's there for two weeks, and when he comes back, he and the other full-timers will be in charge of training the 100+ part-timers. H&M paid for his air fare and is paying for his hotel room (which is a suite, by the way: bed, sofa, two TVs, a KITCHEN, and a full bathroom. What!!!). Also, H&M is giving him $55/day for food, which he gets paid out of at the end! He's enjoying the training so far, but we miss each other.

Anyway, since Olin is gone, my mom flew up to Oahu to keep me company! Also, because there's still a lot of things she wants to do/take care of in Oahu. It's been really nice having her here! It makes being apart from Olin 100% more tolerable!

Also, school is amazing! I love my new Japanese teacher. My Japanese class this semester is an accelerated course (two semester of language in one semester, ahhhh), but the pace is perfect for me, and a lot of my classmates are really motivated to learn the language, which keeps me motivated too! I'm also taking an Intro to Drawing class, which is fun! Although I know I have decent digital art skills, I am terrible with traditional media. (Seriously, you guys have no idea how often my left hand automatically twitches as if to hit Ctrl+Z aka "undo" - IT'S BAD GUYS, IT'S BAD.) Getting more confident with my linework through this art class is only going to benefit me with my digital paintings, so I'm excited! Plus my teacher is a super chill grad student from Alaska.

I miss all of you! I love all of you. I totally lurk my friends page everyday but I usually don't comment. But I just want you to know I still read what you guys have to say!
kira miyuki
06 December 2013 @ 02:09 pm
Okay~! So for those of you interested, here is my Christmas wishlist!

  • Cute and functional things for my desk! Such as... this cat magnet! Or a pencil cup! I am in dire need of desk organization supplies!

  • Gold jewelry/accessories! Not forreal gold, but like, Forever21 or Aldo-status gold-colored jewelry. To wear to work. You ladies are more fashionable than me, so I know you know what's up!

  • Those little stick-on jewel things you can put on your eyelids with your make-up! Where do they sell those!?

  • Anything handmade by you~!

And now for the expensive wishlist that really only pertains to Olin & maybe my parents:
kira miyuki
30 November 2013 @ 02:14 pm
Whee! Last night it started raining and today has been totally overcast. Overcast days always put me in a good mood. I wish everyday was cloudy and grey!

So yesterday I was exhausted from my crazy Thanksgiving shift (our store averaged $12,000 an hour - WHAT?!), but I slept for 12 hours and now I'm feeling refreshed! I have to go to work in a few hours, and I work a midday tomorrow (boo), but that's okay!

So! My job! It is pretty much fantastic. I thought I hated retail and working in general, but now I know it's possible for me to actually love working somewhere. I've been with Victoria's Secret for about two months now, and it's been nothing short of amazing. I can't even believe it. My co-workers are amazing. My boss is even more amazing. Actually, all the bosses are pretty amazing. And the shifts are fun! I'm in Lingerie, so my job is mostly handing out shopping totes to customers, helping them find the bra they want in their size, and of course - taking bra measurements. Taking bra measurements was pretty terrifying for the first few weeks, but now I'm at a point where unless my customer is a 38 band or above (which is infrequently), I get my measurements right all the time. I'd say 70% of the customers are Asian (and 80% of those Asians are size 32B, I feel ya Asian sisters, I am as well), and the last 30% are Australian!

I enjoy my Japanese and Australian customers the best. This job has been amazing practice for my Japanese skills - yesterday I had an entire conversation with an older Japanese woman about our Black Friday specials - in Japanese!! She and her daughter were so happy that I was able to help them. They even found me before they left the store to thank me. ;3; <3 I mean, a lot of the times there are snobby Japanese customers who don't want any help at all, but for the ones that do - so much fun! Korean and Chinese customers are more difficult, because if we get to a point where English is no longer cutting it, I feel useless. At least with Japanese customers who don't speak any English whatsoever, I can at least pick up on a few key words here and there. The Australian ladies are fun too, because we can understand each other! And I am beginning to become an expert in Australian slang, ha. Sometimes they're REALLY REALLY clingy though, which can either be totally adorable or totally irritating.

So far, I've had one customer that I was able to make a real connection with. I'm still so happy about it. She was local, tiny 4'11", young mother of two shopping with her friend. 32A is what we had her at, but she was probably a 30AA in all honesty. The Bra Specialists in the fitting room helped her to choose some push-up bras, but when I took her to the floor to look at colors, she wasn't incredibly thrilled with any them. So I offered to show her my favorite bra (the Fabulous!) because I've found it's amazing for us small-chested girls, and she liked it, so she took it back to try it on. Later I happened to pass by the fitting room while she was in there, and she invited me into the fitting room with her. I've never been invited into a fitting room before since I'm not a bra specialist, so I was super excited and nervous. But it was amazing. We picked her out the Fabulous push-up multiway so we could criss-cross the straps (pro-tip for small boobs!), and she was on the verge of tears because she couldn't believe how well the bra fit her. ;A; That's what I want to do all the time - make women feel incredible with what they've got! I'm still so happy about it. ;3;

Anyway, my co-workers are pretty fun, and I've even hung out with a few of them outside of work! :D And my boss - Lani - is fantastic. She genuinely cares about me and my hours. For example, the other day I mentioned I wanted to talk to her about having less hours during finals week, and she was like, "Which week is that? Okay let me mark it down so I remember you're off that week." WHAT?! The entire week off?!?!? GUHH. AMAZING. TAT <3 The store manager Angie likes me too, which is great because she's a little intimidating. And I love these other two department managers, Dorota (adorable Canadian woman whose glasses make her eyes look comically huge, guh, she's a sweetheart) and Iveta (Slovakian lady who is like a hurricane, I love her). In fact, the only manager I don't particularly care for is Joy, the HR manager. Is it just me, or are HR managers always kinda two-faced? Eh, wutevs! She's alright.

Usually I close, which means I finish at midnight or 1am, which is a littleee rough but I love closing shifts because that's the busiest shift, and time just flies by! Midday and opening shifts are the worst because it's pretty slow.

I'm also loving having some spending money - I haven't been buying too much, but just having the option to indulge myself every now and then has been amazing. I make little-big purchases every now and then. Like I just bought myself the perfume I've been wanting for a year since it was on sale for Black Friday! And I have enough money to buy Christmas decorations and gifts too. :3 Ahh, life is good. I just registered for next semester's classes too, but I'll write about school some other day. For now, I'm going to go grab some lunch before work!
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